avao City, Philippines: Smile. Eat. Live. Because life is here!

Like sunlight to the universe and moon to the night, food is essential as it is life by itself. Science says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It supplies us with the needed energy to get us going as we face the day. Most people serve themselves breakfast and lunch at the same time and they call it “brunch”. Dinner, for most people, is less important especially to those who are on a diet, but they still eat dinner nevertheless.

Everybody loves food in different shapes, colors, texture, variety, and taste. Every culture is different and has its own way of presenting food that fits its preference or tradition. Filipinos, for example, have developed a certain practice of taking in food five (5) times a day, at the very least. We enjoy three (3) major meals and two (2) in-between meals, which we fondly call “merienda”, a term we borrow from Spain. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation.

In this writing, I am going to introduce the life of Filipinos through food. When travelling to our country in the Southeastern part of Asia, it is a must to try out the top three (3) Filipino delicacies. You will only be able to say that you were here when you try these mouth-watering, taste bud teasers, and delectable authentic Filipino food.


This is, by far, the most famous Filipino delicacy one can find in a typical Filipino household meal served during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In fact, due to its popularity that has reached the American soil, a Filipino film that had been made, entitled ADOBO, was released on the international screen reaching out to as many Filipinos as it possibly can around the globe.

Preparing this sweet, but savory dish is not difficult. You can choose from several options of white meat like chicken and pork, which are most regular, and if you are adventurous enough, you can also try seafood adobo. The secret to its unique flavor is the combination of vinegar, soy sauce, and a bit of sugar. Some, who are a bit of a scientist, have put some twist to this and include pineapple chunks, oyster sauce or coconut milk for a milky-sweet flavor. While it is true that adobo is good to be eaten alone, Filipinos have unanimously voted that it’s still best to eat adobo with rice. Just the way we want it and you should try it, too!


This tangy soup is one of our best sellers in restaurants and even on the dining table on rainy nights and cold mornings. You can never go wrong with sinigang as its taste is often associated with tamarind that makes you close your eyes for a second because of its sour taste, but makes you ask for more.

There are a few ways on how to prepare this extra mouth-watering Filipino dish. The most common are shrimp, chicken, pork and milk fish (“bangus”) with fish sauce as its common condiment. Traditionally, it is tamarind-based, but over the years, Filipinos from the other parts of the country have found alternative ways to cook sinigang. Some would derive singang’s sourness from guava, calamansi (Philippine lime), kamias (bilimbi), santol (cottonfruit), or unripe mangos. To enhance the flavor of the stew, some add green long pepper and sometimes include locally made miso. This is best served on a plate of newly-cooked rice. ?


Bulalo is another popular viand that originated in the northern part of the country, Luzon. Nowadays, it has gained twice its popularity among those who love to drink alcoholic beverages. After getting drunk on alcohol, people would go to a bulalo house for a nice after-party bulalo sesh to drain down the alcohol from their system. It is also the most sought-after soup on early morning jogs and exercise but is not advisable to those whose blood pressure sky rockets at any time since it is rich in cholesterol.

This is made by cooking beef shanks and marrow bones until the collagen and fat have both melted and blended with the broth. This is best eaten in the wee hours of the morning when everything is foggy and cold.

These are the top three (3) recommended dishes that you should try when you come over to the Philippines for a visit. All of those can be found anywhere in the country and in Davao, you will find these delicacies enhanced to achieve perfection just for you!


I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and lived there for 20+ years so I pretty much call this place my home. Yes! People actually live here! Las Vegas is a unique city in a sense that there really isn’t any other city quite as bizarre.

The city of sin where gambling, marijuana, and strip clubs are legal! If you are going to Las Vegas you should learn some of the words used there locally so you won’t get ripped off or confused. Let me introduce you to three of them that I think will help you.

You may have seen the movie Ocean’s Eleven and know what the inside of a casino looks like and how there are many cameras keeping watch of the whole floor looking for cheaters or misbehaving customers. These cameras are called “eyes in the sky” as the cameras are put high up on the ceiling above the table games and slot machines to overlook everything. A sample sentence would be, “You’re going to get caught by the eyes in the sky if you cheat.”

After gambling for a few hours or a few thousand dollars, a pit boss or a host may come up to you and offer you a “comp” for a restaurant. A “comp” is a shortened version of the word complimentary which means it’s on the house or it’s free. You might think of this as a nice gesture however this is offered in hopes that you feel a little better about losing all your money, coaxing you to actually gamble even more. Occasionally, they will even offer you a night stay in their suite hotel to have you spend more of your life savings away the following day.

Even if you do loose some money you should still give the dealer tokes. Can you guess what “tokes” mean? Tips for the dealers! Tokes is short for tokens. Yes, unfortunately they are taking your money away but it’s not their fault you are not lucky! The table game dealers don’t want you to lose either because the more you win the more tokes the dealers receive. As a beginner, even if you are losing give your dealer a toke, they’ll start to help you out on your bets and maybe you’ll start winning!

The best way to learn even more Las Vegas lingo is to just get out there and speak to those around you. Use that second best English and you’ll pick up new words in no time! Best of luck to all of you going to my unique hometown, Las Vegas!

Teaching qualification in EBC

English Boot Camp is a new approach to speaking English. We force the students to use the English ability that they already learned in high school and university. Our classes are taught strictly in only English which helps the students change their minds from Japanese to English much more quickly. This helps the students feel immersed in the English language and they can pull out the words that they have hidden in the depths of their minds to use. It takes a bit of coercing for the instructors to do but that is what’s fun about EBC!

As an instructor, you must know the right kind of push for each student. This is a boot camp! Not some English lecture or seminar, where they just sit there and listen to you. You must get them to speak out in a loud confident voice. Let them feel like it’s ok to make mistakes. How else will they speak confidently? We must push them to believe they can do it. And they will. The students are not stupid, they just can’t get over their fear of making mistakes. That is where we come in to push them past that fear.

If you think you have what it takes, then please come join us! I look forward to meeting everyone and anyone interested in helping these students conquer their fear!


Are you bored with teaching regular business people? Do you feel they don’t appreciate you?
Well, what are you waiting for!? Come join our team of instructors at English Boot Camp!

I, probably like you, was so bored and tired of teaching normal business people English, just so they
can tell their boss they were learning English. They had no passion or drive to study so everything I
taught them was forgotten by the time we met again the following week. It was exhausting and I did
not feel appreciated at all. It was as if I was bothering them. I thought this was what it was like to teach
English until I found English Boot Camp.

The students who join this program are totally different. They are so enthusiastic and passionate about
using English that it made me want to teach them harder and help them achieve their goal as much as
possible. Not only that, all the instructors and staff members are super friendly and nice to work with.
We even have company parties from time to time. Also, the company listens to our criticism and adjust
accordingly. What other Japanese company does that?!

We don’t teach the typical boring English grammar here instead we teach students through various fun
activities to use the English that they already know. You can see them use these activities immediately
and transform into a completely new person in just two days! Knowing that you could change a small part
of their lives is really the best reward for teaching, isn’t it?

English Boot Camp’s mission is to “provide the shortest route and necessary support to gain effective and
practical global communication skills for participants to achieve their goals.” We regard English as a tool
for global communication therefore we value instructors on their ability to provide the quality of instruction
we seek more so than their command of the English language. English Boot Camp is a place for people to
meet and grow, not simply an educational course.

If you felt like me and want to change then you are looking at the right page! We are currently looking for
instructors who enjoy teaching in a positive and energetic learning environment, patient and can encourage
students to speak as much as possible and who loves engaging and talking with students. If you are
interested in joining our team or have any question, please visit our page:


I am looking forward to meeting everyone who is interested!


Happy new year everyone!!!

I hope everyone made lots of new year resolutions and improving your English is one of them!! One of mine is to keep motivating students to speak English and not to fear it and welcome it! I think English is the universal language and it will help you in life in so many ways.
I was born in Hawaii and grew up in Las Vegas! Yes, that’s right! People do live there, it’s not just for tourist. Have you ever been there? It’s a really unique city that I love. There are many amazing cirque du soleil shows and you can gamble to become rich too! You’ll love it there! If you’re planning a trip or going for business, I would love to share my knowledge and help you in any way.
I started working at English Boot Camp in 2016 as a part timer! I love seeing everyone’s passion and motivation to speak English because it gives me passion and motivation to teach! We start to feed off each other’s energies and create a nice and lively warm environment around us. I love to meet new people and hear about their lives and their stories. So please feel free to share.
I hope I can meet everyone that’s interested and let’s build a nice long lasting connection for you and English. It’s time to make that change in your life. I’m looking forward to it!
Yours truly,
Anne Huang